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If you are in between church homes and need a place to gather, we invite you to come up under the covering of our E – Church.

Daily Devotions



I GENEROUSLY SHARE THE LOVE IN MY HEART. I am connected with the dear ones in my life by invisible threads of love. Whether my loved ones are near or far away, just thinking about them fills me with an uplifting feeling of spiritual well-being and union and...


THE CHRIST PRESENCE WITHIN IS MY RADIANT SOURCE OF GOOD. On a clear day, when a stray cloud passes across the sun, I notice the suddenly diminished light. Then, looking up, I see brilliant rays of sunshine surrounding the cloud. Instead of hiding the sun, the cloud...


I ENJOY LIFE AND ITS MANY BLESSINGS. Life is full of the most wondrous things. If I were to try to count everything that makes this world so wonderful, there would be too many to list! The more I look around me, I find even more to appreciate. The beauty abundant in...

E – Church Hosts

Sister Yvette Bennett

Minister Tarrice Farrar

What Is  eChurch Membership?

We have created eChurch membership for those persons who consistently watch or listen to Family Life Church services via the internet.

Whether you are a regular member that travels or you simply cannot be physically a part of our services, eChurch membership is for you.

With a mandate to reach the world for Jesus Christ, eChurch membership is a perfect avenue to minister to anyone who desires to grow in the Word of God and experience a dynamic teaching ministry on a consistent basis.

While we are happy that you choose to join us on a regular basis, we also encourage you to become a part of a Bible believing, Bible teaching church in your local area.

Join our eChurch congregation today.

What are the benefits of becoming a eChurch Member?

As a eChurch member, you can count on our ministry praying for you and agreeing with you for your needs, spiritual and physical to be met with God’s best.

You will have direct correspondence for prayer requests via our email link.

Exclusive eChurch member updates. 

Connect with other eChurch Family Life members.

Weekly inspiration through Family Life Church Live Streaming Network both locations.

What is the difference between a regular member and a eChurch member?

What is the difference between a regular member and a eChurch member?

While you have the same spiritual benefits of being an eChurch member, there are some things in which WE cannot commit.

Because of distance, we cannot commit to funerals, hospital visits, weddings, etc.

What is the financial commitment?

Although there is no monthly fee, we believe that if this ministry is a blessing to you then you should sow financial seeds accordingly.

If you desire to give your tithes and offerings, we encourage you to do so by simply choosing the online contribution link on the home page.

Complete the form and become an official eMember TODAY!